Benefits of SLICZ


What is SLICZ?

4 x supplements to be taken at specific times during your round of golf to give you increased energy and focus. The more energy and focus you have the better your scores will be.

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The 4 steps

Step 1


2 x Chewable gummies designed to help boost your focus and concentration on the first tee. A powerful blend of vitamins, minerals and extracts will have you feeling razor sharp. Take 15-20 minutes before tee off.

Step 2


A nutrient dense protein bar filled with the perfect mix of good carbohydrates, clean proteins and essential fats to keep you feeling strong and satisfied throughout your round. Consume on holes 7-8.

Step 3


A quick and easy to digest gel designed to give you an instant burst of energy and alertness when you really need. You will feel more energy on the back 9 than ever before. Take on holes 11-12.

Step 4


Electrolytes filled with essential vitamins and minerals will help keep you hydrated and stabilise blood sugar levels. Continuously sip throughout your round and stay dialled in.

The SLICZ effect

Olly Quiney

HCP - 7

At some point on the back 9 I usually have a crash in energy which means bad scoring holes, I have to say I just felt great all the way through my round, if anything I had more energy on the back than the font 9.

Ken Wykes

HCP -16

At my age I'll give anything for a bit more energy a try. My only thought was I wish I found this earlier, it was like rolling back the years. I felt absolutely great.

Will Bailey

HCP - 0

Even when I used to play professionally I would have a mars bar and red bull and be on my way, this has changed the game. The sustained energy I felt today was unbelievable.

Stephen Upson HCP - 1

HCP - 1

I can't believe I have never had this before, the energy I had today was a joke, felt like I had a spring in my step the whole way round, will 100% use again.

Bob Dyer HCP -7

HCP -7

Right from day 1 I knew we were onto something. I can honestly say this makes me feel 10 years younger and my scores have been getting better since taking. Slicz for the win.

Russ Tatton

HCP - 6

The best thing for me is that there was no crash in energy, I felt like I was just on the ball today, not ropey at all, I just felt great, it was pretty strange really.

Steve Dyer

HCP - 12

If your playing a comp and got a card in your hand, do yourself a favour and keep yourself focussed with this product, 10/10 from me.

John Penrose

HCP - 10

A friend introduced me to this, I was a bit sceptical but never had so much power going into the back 9. Thoroughly enjoyed the benefits of Slicz.

Paul Dabbs

HCP -24

I can say one thing for sure, it beats a mars bar and energy drink out the club shop all day, I actually felt like I did 10 years ago, I had a right spring in my step today.

Charlie Rogers

HCP - 14

I wasn't sure if it would work for me to be honest, I had 3 pars to start with though and that doesn't usually happen, I did feel dialled in today though right from the first hole.

Ross Hawkesford

HCP - 10

Played golf for years, always seemed to struggle on the last 5 holes, today I just felt great even on the last few holes, more energy than ever, love it.