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At what times during my round do i take SLICZ?

When you receive the SLICZ products, you will firstly get a large mail box which inside includes 4 x SLICZ mini packs. In each Mini pack, as you open the box to get your products out you will see instructions on when and how to take the products for maximum effect.

How do i take the electrolytes?

Simply mix the electrolytes with 500-750ml of normal water (cold water is preferable), shake well and then sip throughout the duration of 18 holes.

Do you have to consume all the products?

Yes, for maximum benefit the products are designed to be taken in a specific order at a specific time during your round. You will still receive the benefits if taken at different times but for best results please stick to the instructions.

Can i take SLICZ during every round?

Yes, SLICZ is designed to be taken during each round of golf you play. If you love SLICZ and the benefits you can get the boxes through on our subscription model for as little as £5 per round.

What flavour is the protein bar

Cookies & Cream.

What flavour are the electrolytes and gel?