Real customer stories

Ross Hawkesford

HCP - 10

Played golf for years, always seemed to struggle on the last 5 holes, today I just felt great even on the last few holes, more energy than ever, love it.

Charlie Rogers

HCP - 14

I wasn't sure if it would work for me to be honest, I had 3 pars to start with though and that doesn't usually happen, I did feel dialled in today though right from the first hole.

Paul Dabbs

HCP -24

I can say one thing for sure, it beats a mars bar and energy drink out the club shop all day, I actually felt like I did 10 years ago, I had a right spring in my step today.

John Penrose

HCP - 10

A friend introduced me to this, I was a bit sceptical but never had so much power going into the back 9. Thoroughly enjoyed the benefits of Slicz.

Stephen Upson

HCP - 1

I can't believe I have never had this before, the energy I had today was a joke, felt like I had a spring in my step the whole way round, will 100% use again.

Bob Dyer

HCP -7

Right from day 1 I knew we were onto something. I can honestly say this makes me feel 10 years younger and my scores have been getting better since taking. Slicz for the win.

Olly Quiney

HCP - 7

At some point on the back 9 I usually have a crash in energy which means bad scoring holes, I have to say I just felt great all the way through my round, if anything I had more energy on the back than the font 9.

Will Bailey

HCP - 0

Even when I used to play professionally I would have a mars bar and red bull and be on my way, this has changed the game. The sustained energy I felt today was unbelievable.

Ken Wykes

HCP -16

At my age I'll give anything for a bit more energy a try. My only thought was I wish I found this earlier, it was like rolling back the years. I felt absolutely great.

Russ Tatton

HCP -6

The best thing for me is that there was no crash in energy, I felt like I was just on the ball today, not ropey at all, I just felt great, it was pretty strange really.

Micheal Laudrup

Cat socks

I will start by saying that i'm a huge fan of Section Store. I love that it both saves me a lot of time and money. I don't need to hire expensive developers and deal with them. Now i can just find a section i like and add it myself.

Rob Evans

HCP - 10

Im not sure if it will improve my score i've got some work to do haha, but i definitely felt better i can tell you that .

Harrison Long

HCP - +3

I will be using SLICZ in all my comps moving forward, i really think this could give me and edge over my opponents.

Mark Smith

HCP - 18

10/10 for me, i wont go back to a mars bar and en energy drink.

Nick Harrison

HCP - 1

Ill be telling the lads about this, everyone needs to feel how i felt the first time after taking this product, superb.

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