Our story

It all started on the 26th year of the "Mayfield 12" annual golf tour. It was on the last day of the three-day tour when 2 minds came together. Bob Dyer the old school golfer, and newcomer to the sport, Ian Dempsey, had an epiphany.

Ian (previously a professional triathlete) couldn’t believe how tired he felt on the golf tour, He said to Bob Why’s golf so tiring Bob, I feel less tired doing a marathon? I’ve only walked a few holes and feel like I have no energy, how do you feel?”

Bob looked across at Ian and laughed out loud, then responded “I’m thinking I always feel tired but it's probably my age or too many beers over the last few days mate”

After this, they continued to moan and talk about how physically & mentally, you never actually feel like you’re at your best on the golf course. Ian (who holds the 4th fastest long distance ironman time in the country) couldn't understand why no one was taking any supplements or focusing on nutrition to help with energy on the course.

Ian took it upon himself and started to test some of supplements he used to use to help with energy when competing, just as he thought, whilst testing some supplements his energy levels seemed to improve drastically. He got together a concoction of products for Bob to try. The results were incredible, Bob simply couldn't believe how much energy he had. They knew from that moment they wanted to feel like this every round of golf they played and more importantly, enable more golfers to feel like this. Off to work they went.

It was quite clear to see that they were onto something. Ian with vast knowledge in performing for endurance events had experience in what it takes to feel energised. They then teamed up with nutritionists and sports scientists to discover the formula that would make the difference. The biggest takeaway from all this for Ian and Bob was that the better they felt on the course, the better their scores seemed to be, they also knew that this is what most golfers desire.

“We can confidently say that we have formulated products backed by science that taken in the right sequence will have you feeling more energised and dialled in on the golf course than ever before. Ian & Bob.”

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